What Are FPV Drones? [Let’s Find Out]

FPV drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that provide the user with a first-person view of what is in front them using attached cameras.

FPV drones differ from other commercial and toy unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in two major ways: they use an on-board camera to capture video footage and they allow for real-time transmission of data, including video, between the drone and the user.

FPV drones were developed by hobbyists in order to put their own cameras into flight; they flew small aircraft around obstacle courses and recorded what it looked like from up above.

It was not until companies started making these UAVs commercially that people began using them for fun or racing purposes.

Customers can purchase FPV drones with different controller styles, each with different features. Some controllers have a design that looks like the steering wheel of a car while others are shaped like video game controllers.

Customers can also purchase drones to use for racing or create their own obstacle courses within their neighborhood. Hobbyists who build their own FPV drones usually use quadcopters .

These unmanned aerial vehicles contain four propellers that allow them to hover in midair and move in any direction with ease. Customers who choose to buy FPVs often choose this style because it is easy to control and maneuver. 

Some companies sell kits for people wanting to build their own; these products come with all the necessary parts but require assembly prior to flying. Additionally, some companies offer classes directly related to FPV drones.

DJI FPV Drones first person view
The DJI FPV Drone

Instructors teach students about how these machines work, what materials are best to use for building, and the different components of the kit or kit that goes into creating a quadcopter.

FPV drones are used commercially for many reasons including but not limited to: capturing aerial footage, carrying payloads across dangerous areas, patrolling land and water sources, delivering packages to people in need, etc.

FPV drones are often mistaken as military devices because of their ability to fly over enemy territories undetected; however, they are also used by civilians around the world.

Some companies have begun using FPVs with cameras attached instead of hiring helicopters or pilots to take aerial images of locations ranging from amusement parks to oil rigs on the ocean floor.

FPV Drones are Good

FPV drones are incredibly useful for photographers and videographers who want to take pictures or video without having to leave the ground. People can now use unmanned machines to capture what they see rather than using methods such as attaching cameras to balloons.

Used For Fun

FPVs are also used by private citizens for fun, whether it is flying around the backyard or building their own obstacle courses in order to race other people. These devices allow hobbyists to push themselves beyond their limits while still being safe because they are controlled remotely. The ability for FPVs to fly high above the clouds also adds a new element of fun that remains relatively unknown within the world of UAVs.