DJI Phantom 3 VS DJI Mavic Air 2

When it comes to cameras, both companies are very similar in many ways but there is one thing that sets them apart. Each of them also has its pros and cons with each other and this article will go into detail about why you should go with one or the other device. The first major difference between these devices is how they capture images.

DJI Phantom 3

Both DJI’s Phantom 3 and Mavic Air 2 capture images. They do so by shooting off three different types of sensors that help to control their movements. These cameras can be used with lenses that extend over an area, like panning a lens over an area from above to below, then zooming in on objects within that particular viewfinder, which gives them a ‘full-scene,’ which makes them easier to photograph when you need. Both have the ability to use the same sensor for all of their cameras, making them great when it comes to creating cinematic shots.

And while the Mavic Air 2 does not have as much storage as the Phantom 3, it is still quite capable of capturing high-quality pictures from just a few megapixels. Now, this probably goes without saying because we only need to think that the more powerful sensor of the Phantom 3 takes better pictures than the smaller sensor of the Mavic Air 2. In addition, the Mavic Air 2 has the advantage of being built around a lighter weight. This allows it to be faster and more durable even though the camera itself uses far more power.

So before you decide, you’ll need which type of image capture system is best for you and what type of photography needs you have. Most people tend to look for a medium format or wide format camera, and some even take into account whether they want to shoot a large number of people or a small number of people.

However, it cannot be denied that neither of these devices can truly give us your shot when you’re trying to get your hands on this amazing photo you’ve always hoped for. It really depends on your creative vision and if your purpose would be to capture a moment where everyone else looks away from you it is wise to find something different. For example, don’t worry if you’re a photographer who likes using bright colors to make their work stand out.

A dark corner can be great but you don’t necessarily have to have a darker subject, it can be a bright color and use it as a focal point in your shot instead. Or someone whose main focus will be on the foreground, while they want others’ attention on the background, might like it to be somewhere in the middle and have the whole picture looking back at them.

DJI Mavic Air 2

A good way to figure out which kind of camera you should choose for yourself is to consider what you’d like to capture. Of course, you can go with whatever happens to you when you go shopping, but this won’t help you get the best picture of your life as your eyes are fixed on this specific object and won’t leave you worrying about anything else.

So think of something for which you already have an image that works well, and see how that works out for you. If it works out well then you can say “I knew about this and got my idea, now I should be able to put that into my life!”.

Otherwise, you might find yourself in a lot of trouble and having a hard time deciding on a camera you should buy. There are tons of resources online that explain how to get started when buying a new camera so hopefully, this can help guide you. Once you’re done thinking about what you’d like to capture, keep things simple as possible.