DJI Phantom 3 Vs 3D Robotics Solo Drone Quadcopters

phantom 3 vs 3D solo
phantom 3 vs solo

DJI Phantom 3 was announced at the beginning of April, which occurred shortly after the 3D Robotics announced their new quadcopter 3DR solo drones, which were completely customized and open source.

Since that time, the fans of each of the two companies have been fighting each other trying to get the winner through endless arguments.The two products will, therefore, be compared through the following factors.

Price and package difference.

Phantom 3 is available in two main versions that is professional and advanced. The professional is equipped with a 4k camera while advanced can only shoot a video in 1080p only this, therefore, brings the price difference in the two. DJI Phantom 3 Professional with 4k camera costs $1,259.00 while the other costs $300 cheaper, but the two are the same except for the camera.

On the other hand, 3D drone is different from phantom 3 and the company sells their quad copter separately from the gimbal and the camera, the quadcopter price alone starts at $1450 and when all accessories are included the price goes to 1600-1900 dollars.
This price factor, therefore, makes the phantom the best when you don’t have the gimbal and the camera.

Video capabilities

The Phantom 3 with an inbuilt gimbal and camera particularly the professional version model is capable of shooting a high-quality video without fisheye effect and with proper stabilization.While on the other hand the solo drone does not have its own camera and gimbal hence the user responsibility to search for one.

Solo drone supports GoPro action cameras up to the latest model but, there are a lot of other cameras which resemble this model. Therefore, purchasing the solo drone gives you a variety of camera type to select from and to use in your quadcopter.

Flight capabilities

Both drones can fly around 20 minutes but in some information DJI claim that their phantom 3 takes 23 minutes, but the real tests shows not more than 20 minutes of flight time.They are also equipped with GPS and compass but additionally Phantom 3 has the optical flow sensor underneath hence flies a bit more stable near the ground surface.

In the case of range the Phantom beats the solo since phantom can be controlled in a distance of 1.2 miles away while the solo drone has a controllable distance of only 0.5 miles away hence this gives Phantom 3 an added advantage.
As for the speed, solo beats Phantom 3 as it can fly up to 55mph while phantom move at a speed of 36mph but in the case of manual control the two share speed of 30-35 mph.

Video Review


This is where the Solo totally beats the phantom,the first new feature that 3D Robotics likes to draw attention from is open-source possibilities where you buy the drone, and you can upgrade it in whatever way you want, adding the accessories you want and also adding programming your own applications.
Drone also has some extra accessories inside including lasers, led lights and parachutes and the battery can be easily be swap out,


Phantom 3 looks promising than solo due to its price, inbuilt gimbal and camera, longer range and video capability.