Best Drones Backpack For Travelling 🧳

Traveling with drones is getting more common every day. If you are still in the process of buying a drone or if you already have one, here is our guide to help you choose the right backpack for your gear. We will go over size, features and ease of use.

Some people prefer soft-sided cases because they are lighter but don’t forget that hard plastic can be really resistant against sharp objects, falls or impacts.

First things first! What kind of drone do you have? There are drones made to fly in open spaces away from buildings and homes while others are made for indoor gimbals like the DJI Spark, which weighs less than 1 kg (2 pounds).

For this reason, is important to check if your drone is compatible with your backpack.

For safe transportation, we recommend using a sturdy, well-made bag that can handle being thrown around. Soft cases are not going to be enough for protection if you fly drones like the Mavic Pro or Phantom 4 .

They usually come with covers to keep the propellers safe but still, they are quite fragile! You should always check how much it weighs and compare it with your drone before closing the zipper on your backpack.

If you choose a case that happens to be slightly bigger than your drone you will have more space available inside.

Pockets, internal dividers and other storage areas will give you different options depending on whether or not you want to bring extra batteries, props or any additional accessories.

Lets start this round-up by going over the most popular backpacks in the market these days.

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This is a good starter backpack at a comfortable price. You can fit a DJI Mavic Pro drone with a controller and 3 batteries inside, plus some other accessories.

It has adjustable dividers for your props and it comes with a rain cover to protect from sudden downpours when you are flying outdoors.

1st on our list is the perfect bag for DJI Spark pilots that travel light!

The Spark alone weighs less than 1kg (2 pounds) and of course all its gear like controller, charger and cables fits perfectly in here too. We like the small size and bright colorescheme of this bag .

It is a little bit fragile so you should be careful when using it.

The 10 by 8 inches makes this bag perfect for carrying DJI Mavic Pro , Phantom 4 and most of the gimbals.

There is an internal pocket for tablets and laptops up to 9.7 inches . The case has adjustable dividers and some extra pockets for your batteries, cables or other small items.

This backpack was made specifically for backpackers that need more space than our first two cases can offer .

It has a spacious main compartment and an external organizer with zipper mesh pocket, key fob and pen slots as well as a padded front compartment made to store all kinds of gadget like camera lenses, hard drives or even DSLRs.

For those that fly drones that weight more than 3 pounds we recommend using this backpack which is slightly bigger than our other cases.

Waterproof Case for Drone

If you need a waterproof case because you fly your drones in harsh weather conditions, here is the solution!

This bag comes with an integrated removable case for carrying smaller items but it can also be used as a backpack by itself since its interior is separated from the outer shell.

The lid has two zips and rain cover to protect your gear and still keep it dry and clean.

If you want one of the biggest backpacks for your drone gear ever made then look no further! You can fit up to 12 batteries, 2 DJI Mavic Pro drones , 4 props and cables inside this bad boy.

There are internal zip mesh pockets, adjustable dividers and it comes with wheels for easy transportation. There is an internal laptop compartment but it doesn’t fit any 15-inch laptops (only 13 ).

This is the cheapest backpack in our round-up. Its made adequately to protect your drone when its inside but if you fly gimbals like the DJI Spark you should be extra careful since this case has no compartments for storing propellers, controllers or power supply. However, its space-saving design makes it perfect for travelling light!

Although most drones are usually made of plastic they can still get damaged if not stored in a suitable backpack or case.

Remember that the materials used to make backpacks affect their weight and durability so there are tradeoffs between protection and portability .

Final words

Keeping your drone in good condition is not only about protecting it , you should also consider storing all other accessories like chargers, cables and extra batteries. Lastly, it is always a good idea to take your drone out of its case once in a while and give it some fresh air!

We hope that our article has shown you how to properly pack your drone the next time you go on a trip.