Best Accessories for Drones When traveling

Essential Accessories that every Drone Owner Should Have.

Although drones are becoming more and more affordable, there is still a large price tag attached to them and it can be frightening to think of the investment you have made disappearing on a flight somewhere over the clouds.

And truthfully speaking, flying a drone is not as easy as it looks so there is no surprise that most owners will feel nervous every time they decide to fly their prized machines. Which is why we recommend investing in some accessories that can help you save your drone from any further harm, such as:


LCD Screen Sun Shade

This simple accessory for your remote controller might just be the best thing you can invest into if you fly your drone often. As said before, each time you fly a drone, you risk losing it and with that comes a big financial loss.  

Accessories for Drones
LCD Screen Sun Shade

Most popular drones nowadays include a LCD screen on their remote controller but unfortunately they are not scratch-proof so no matter how careful you try to be when cleaning the surface of the monitor, you will always have visible scratches which can affect your flying capabilities.  

But by using this sun shade accessory, you can reduce the amount of direct sunlight hitting your screen by 70%, allowing you to use your device in even in harsh conditions without any problems.

Inertia Sensors

Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) or simply known as Inertia sensors are an essential element in almost all modern drones since they help with altitude control and stabilization.

And while they are an important part of the drone, they can also be dangerous if not used with care. Which is why it’s very important to have a transportation case ready that will keep your sensors safe during travel.

USB Charger Set for Batteries

This set is used as a back-up battery charger and some drones already come with these batteries but if you equipped yours with another type of battery then this might just be what you need in order to extend your flying hours.  

Accessories for Drones
USB Charger Set for Batteries

These rechargeable batteries power up quite quickly and can be placed on their own charging docks which make sure that each one charges correctly and evenly by providing them with an independent channel for power .   

Balanceing Hubs

As previously mentioned, drones can be easily toppled over if their center of gravity is off balance. And since the majority of drones come with four small-sized motors and propellers then there is a high chance that your drone will need some balancing before its first flight.

This is why we recommend investing in a pack of balance hubs which you can use to level each propeller against each other and get rid of vibrations making your flight smoother without damaging or weakening any motor .

Replacement Propellers

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This accessory includes two pairs (4 pieces) spare props for Phantom 1 & 2 series. They are suitable for DJI Phantom models: Phantom FC40, Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision, Phantom 2 Vision+, etc.

 Lens Filter

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If you are a big fan of aerial photography or videography then you probably know that some drones come with a built-in camera while others only allow for the attachment of a GoPro. But no matter what type of drone you have, there is always a risk of damaging your lens and having to pay extra cash to get it fixed.

Which is why we recommend buying an additional set of propellers just in case you lose one during flight or land badly and break your prop.  

And if this happens then all you need to do is detach the broken part and snap on the spare propeller. If not, they can be used as replacement parts when needed so we highly recommend grabbing a set before its too late!

Memory Card & Reader

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This memory card is an essential accessory for any drone flyer. It’s suitable for both Phantom models, Spark/ Mavic Pro, etc., so it can be used with almost every DJI drone model out there.

When flying your drone you will need to store your footage on a memory card which comes in different shapes and sizes depending on the device that you are planning to use it with.

Which means that if you own two or more drones then this is definitely something that you should invest into!

And since not all people are tech-savvy enough to know how to connect their devices with another one without damaging them, we advise everyone who doesn’t have any clue about these matters to simply buy this memory card reader which will do everything for them.

And since it allows you to read your memory card without having to connect it with another device, this is an accessory that no drone flyer should live without!  

Lens Hoods

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Lastly but not least, these lens hoods are perfect for keeping unwanted light out of the sensor which will help reduce internal reflections and prevent your images from becoming hazy or washed out.  

Not to mention that they also offer protection against accidental damage by providing a shield between the camera lens and anything else .

Conclusion These are just some of the few must-have accessories for drones that we recommend everyone who flies their own device to grab as soon as possible.

They may be costly but trust us when we say there is nothing worse than crashing your drone and having to pay extra cash just to get it fixed.

And since all these accessories are compatible with most DJI drones then there is no reason why you shouldn’t invest into them (except for the memory card reader, but that’s only needed if you don’t know much about technology).

Your drone will not only stay safe while traveling but will also maintain its top-notch performance without any problems.

We are all good travellers, well-behaved and never take away anything that does not belong to us. That’s why we want to share 10 Frequently Asked Questions about Drones when travelling with you!

Is it legal in my country?

It is crucial before traveling which countries you can fly your drone in. You can find this information in the “regulations” on the website of the governing aviation authority for any country.

Here is an example for Germany . We start at where you can also see that drones are called “UAS” (Unmanned Aircraft Systems). UAVs are unmanned aerial vehicles, so therefore they are called “UAVs” (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

For Germany we can now use the following link: (the German Aviation Supervisory Authority) and see the following picture as a result:

As you can see, quadrocopters with cameras are not allowed without permission! If you would like to fly in Germany, you will need a special permit and then only in the respective areas.

Always remember to carry your laptop when travelling for video editing🙂

When can I take my drone with me?

If we look at the German regulation again, we find the answer:

Everywhere outdoors! We emphasize this because many people think that it is allowed only on airports. Here you can see a video about the difference between UAV and UAS:

So if we look at the German regulation it even says “zur Ortsveränderung” which means “to move from one place to another”.

Can I take it on board an airplane?

In order to get permission to take your drone with you on board an airplane, you must contact the respective airline.